Why should you go?

…To renew your commitment to each other.

...To restore and improve your communication skills.

…To rekindle your romance.

...To rediscover intimacy and joy.

...To realize that you are not alone, and that other couples experience similar feelings, needs, challenges, and hopes.


Check out what noted family authority Gary Chapman has to say about Marriage Encounter in this video. 


Listen to what other couples have said about their own experiences with Worldwide Marriage Encounter

“This weekend was the most joyous and most stimulating time of our lives.  We have had the chance to see how each of us needs to be loved and to give love.”

“Having had over twenty years of marriage behind us we thought we could learn little and improve little.  We learned much and are still improving.”

“Not only did we experience a deep sense of unity and joy during the weekend, but the intimacy and excitement continued after.”

“Our weekend was without qualification the most fantastic and moving experience of our lives.”

“Our weekend will be a dramatic high point in our lives for years to come.”

“Thank you for the most rewarding weekend of our lives.  We are looking eagerly to many exciting years together.  We wish every young couple could have a Marriage Encounter Weekend.”

“We want you to know we thought we had a great marriage.  But Marriage Encounter helped make it fantastic!”

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